Follow up information for Hip and knee replacements and ligament reconstruction

Follow up treatment:

Your clinical outcomes with me
Being a patient can be stressful and it is important when you come to see me that you have complete confidence in my professional ability. I am committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you and of course, I am very interested in your progress throughout the treatment. I am also keen to be able to demonstrate, by monitoring my patients, the level of quality of the treatment I give to you.  Because of this, I collect and monitor clinical outcomes on my surgical patients.

What is the follow up after surgery?
The British Orthopaedic Associations guidelines on follow up examinations are that patients should be reviewed at one year and five years following hip or knee replacement and every five years thereafter. Review should include an examination and a radiograph. However funding for this is not usually provided by insurance companies or the NHS.

Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMs) are a way to measure the results of your progress within a healthcare system. They are important as they help me to monitor your reduction in symptoms and ensure that you are getting the best possible patient care. I am collecting my patient data as part of a national project that will enable me to better track, monitor and analyse treatment. I am using an electronic system called Amplitude pro one™ to collect important information in order for me to keep an eye on your recovery.  I also believe it is important for you to have an opportunity to provide me with feedback about your experience. 

How does it work?
When I arrange for you to have an operation, I’ll remind you that you will be receiving a request for some questionnaires and assessments via email.  You’ll complete your questionnaires via your own personal patient portal

Your first questionnaire should give me an indication of your level of health and injury before your hip or knee operation.  Please make sure this questionnaire is completed before you come in for your operation.  I will have direct access to your scores, which will enable me to have a better understanding of the treatment given to you.

After your operation you will receive email reminders from me via the secure Amplitude system pro one™ asking you to complete follow up questionnaires about your health and recovery. I’d really appreciate you taking the time to complete these. Not only will this help me to monitor the progress of your operation it will also enable me to demonstrate the quality of my practice and the treatment I provide my patients.

I need to access my patient portal
If you can’t find the email sent to you and believe you have scores to complete, you can access your patient portal at any time using this link:  CLICK HERE

Data safety
Should you have any concerns about who can see this data, please let me reassure you that all of my clinical data is held securely and confidentially and I comply fully with the national data protection requirements. I am required to confirm your consent for holding this data electronically which I trust you will give. Should you change your mind, you can remove your consent at any time by contacting Helen Frankel my secretary.

If you have any questions about these questionnaires, or are struggling to access yours in any way, please contact